Lichthuis, part 3

My project for 24 Hour Comic Day. This was the first time I actually completed the challenge, so I’m pretty proud of that at least. Had a lot of fun with dry brushes on this one.

Part 1
Part 2



cover and first 7 pages of The Ice Fisher, which I made last October for a Kuš open call and which I’ll be selling at MICE Sept 28-29.

Find me and grab it at MICE!

Reblog: getch’yer copy at micexpo this coming weekend! A gloomy soviet story of envy and hunger.

This looks great.


I’ve been making these zines for a little over a year now. Here’s #4. I brought 80 copies to SPX this past weekend and gave them to my dear friends. As a bonus I hand-colored all the covers for some bizarre reason

SPX was wonderful as usual. Congratulations to the Ignatz nominees and winners! I picked up a ton of books & zines, and I’ll enjoy reading them over the next few weeks.

The first 3 Sex Fantasy zines are tagged here, so you can read them if you missed them the first time around.

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